Aluminum Alloy Selection ChartDownload PDF
Approximate Number of 36 inch Pieces Per PoundDownload PDF
Brass Bronze Alloys Suitable for Welding Cast IronDownload PDF
Broken Stud Removal Download PDF
Calculating Ferrite Content of Stainless and HeatDownload PDF
Calculating Filler Metal RequirementsDownload PDF
Cast Iron & High Nickel Alloys
Typical Chemical Analysis
Download PDF
Cast Iron & Nickel Alloy Electrode
Recommended Voltage & Amperage
Download PDF
Conversion ChartDownload PDF
Common MIG Wire Feeding IssuesDownload PDF
Copper Based Alloys to Dissimilar MetalsDownload PDF
Cross Reference Index of Maintenance/Repair - Buildup/Hardfacing Electrodes and WiresDownload PDF
Deposition Rates for GMAW, FCAW, Metal Cored WiresDownload PDF
Deposition Rates for SMAW Coated ElectrodesDownload PDF
Dodd-Frank Act - Conflict MineralsDownload PDF
Factors to Consider in Maintenance & Repair Welding
Download PDF
Fraction, Decimal & Millimeter ConversionsDownload PDF
Hardness Conversion TableDownload PDF
Low Hydrogen Welding Electrode Handling, Storing and Redrying GuideDownload PDF
Melting Points of Various Metals
Download PDF
Purpose of Hardfacing Elements
Download PDF
Recommended Filler Metals for Stainless Steel Casting AlloyDownload PDF
Recommended MIG & TIG Shielding Gases for Various Filler MetalsDownload PDF
RoHS ComplianceDownload PDF
Shielding Gas ConsiderationsDownload PDF
Stainless Steel Dissimilar Welding ChartDownload PDF
Stainless Steel Filler Metal Suggestion ChartDownload PDF
Stainless Steel Flux Coatings on SMAW ElectrodesDownload PDF
Stainless Steels for Cryogenic ApplicationsDownload PDF
Suggested Nickel Alloy Selection Chart
Download PDF
Trouble Shooting Welding Problems for FCAWDownload PDF
Trouble Shooting Welding Problems for GMAWDownload PDF
Trouble Shooting Welding Problems for GTAWDownload PDF
Trouble Shooting Welding Problems for SMAWDownload PDF
Types of Cast Iron For Typical Nickel 55 (NI-55)
and Nickel 99 (NI-99) Applications
Download PDF